My first attempt at couponing.

About 2 weeks ago I decided I wanted to try out this extreme couponing thing. Of course I don’t plan to go to crazy with my stock pile. No more than 1 years worth of an item and I will only buy things we use.

So for 2 weeks now I have been collecting coupons. Today I spent at least one hour hunched over the sales ads for the stores in our area looking for items on sale that I also have a coupon to.


This was my stack when I finished and was ready to head out. I went to Walmart they price match their competitors prices so this way I only need to make one stop. Also I found that some of the items that were on sale in another store actually had a lower everyday price at Walmart.


This was what I came home with the start of my stock pile. Except for the soap and air fresheners (both items I need now and the coupon was expiring) all the items were price matched. I wish I had wrote down the original price of all these items so I would know the exact amount that I had saved. I guess I just assumed they would calculate that for me and it would be written on the receipt. I saved a total of $30 in just the coupons and paid $46.66 plus tax.


These razors were the best deal and probably the only thing an experienced extreme couponer would buy. The original price was $7.98 but they were on sale at Fred Meyers for $4.99 and I had a $4 off coupon. After the price match and my coupon they were $.99. I would have stocked up on more but I only had 4 coupons.

The vitamin water and cream cheese I did not have a coupon for but they are both items I regularly buy and the sale price was the lowest I’ve seen.

I left for the store at 6 and got home at 9. Thats about four hours spent if you include the prepping, drive time, and shopping (I did shop for other items for this weeks meal plan as well). I estimate I saved about $50 over 50% of the total purchase. What do you think is it worth it. Any tips for my next trip?

Thank you for reading!